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Global Arts/Media provides legal travel to Cuba.

We create opportunities for people-to-people engagement, educational workshops and community service initiatives that enable travelers to connect intellectually and creatively with artists, scholars, shopkeepers, doctors and all the ordinary and special people of Cuba.

Our tours are led by local experts devoted to helping you understand Cuba.  They will surprise you with meetings with local artists and special access to some of Cuba’s most interesting people and extraordinary attractions. You will participate in a wide range of activities – planned and unplanned. And, you’ll enjoy some extraordinary meals.

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SALVADOR GONZALES’s artistry has transformed Havana’s Hamel’s Alley community – once identified with criminality and vice – into an outdoor arts center and the city’s second most visited tourist destination. (Old Havana is number one!)

Director of The Literacy Museum – and a great humanitarian –  LUISA YARA CAMPOS was among the hundreds of teenage volunteers who, in 1961, left home to join the national campaign to eradicate illiteracy in Cuba.

Held every July in Santiago de Cuba, the FIESTA DEL FUEGO (Festival of Fire) is one of the most anticipated annual events in the Caribbean. See: 2018 Festivals & Special Events, above.

When ALBERTO FAYA sings ‘Erisi Balande‘, no one moves, no one breathes.  There is not a dry eye in the room.  Alberto, an accomplished singer and ethnomusicologist, his wife Maria and jazz musician son, David, are Havana’s first family of music.

Visit ERNEST HEMINGWAY’S typewriter and the late author’s estate, Finca Vigia, in the SanFrancisco de Paula suburb of Havana.  Hemingway dedicated his 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature to the people of Cuba, where the prize resides to this day.

SANTIAGO HERMES MARTINEZ ZERGUERA directs the “Trazos Libres” artist collective in Cienfuegos.  Trazos Libres uses the arts to educate, strengthen and revitalize the community.

DR. GISELA ARANDIA COVARRUBIAS is a journalist and an internationally respected social activist who researches and writes on issues of race and identity, and feminism. Poblacion Afrodiscendiente Cubana Actual, is her latest book.

Café de Maria makes the best coffee in Cuba – maybe the world!  The tiny cafe is located in Las Terrazas, a nature preserve/eco-village within Pinar del Rio.  MARIA, one of the founders of the Cafe and, for many years, the person in charge of coffee cultivation, is pictured above.

One of Cuba’s most celebrated artists, ALBERTO LESCAY creates monumental sculpture that celebrates the nation’s historical and cultural achievements.  In his hometown of Santiago de Cuba, Lescay is also among the community’s leading philanthropists.