David Byer-Tyer defines himself as “an advocate of social change though art.”  His artistic motivation derives in part from personal exploration into his Gullah heritage and the desire to create artwork that validates African-Americans’ complex multi facetted American narratives. He aspires to provide functional and meaningful works in response to contemporary issues to avert the misinterpretation of Black race and culture and is dedicated to defining special problems faced by African Americans by linking art with social responsibility.

As an artist and a scholar, Byer-Tyre believes it is important for his works to address not only the social realities of blacks in American society, but also to reveal the rich artistic legacy that Africans and African-Americans have bequeathed to the larger American culture.

His career objective as an artist has always been to develop innovative ways to integrate African-American art into a variety of public contexts by producing meaningful works that clearly articulate its purpose. It is with this principle in mind that he continues to expand the scope and functional perception of the art and installations he creates.

Byer-Tyre received an M.F.A. at Long Island University C. W. Post, with a concentration in sculpture and African-American Material Culture.  He earned his B.F. A. in sculpture from Georgia State University, and a B.A. in Drawing and Painting from St. Augustine College, Raleigh, North Carolina. He currently is completing a doctorate in education at St. John’s University.

DATES:  April 19-28
COST:  $3,150  ($3,000, if $500 deposit received by February 15th)